Who We Are


Pilot specialized in photo and video shooting with the drone


Pilot specialized in photo and video shooting with the drone


Andrea Faggio and Claudio Maddaleno are UAS operators with CRO certificates for critical operations and have been working with drones since 2015 for photos and videos.

Andrea Faggi was born as a Photographer and then as a Videomaker and worked for many years in advertising for furniture and fashion photos, then dedicating himself to the creation of videos for Companies and filming for documentaries. In 2015 he got his first pilot's license startingto collaborate also with various wedding photographers.

Claudio Maddaleno after technical studies, he is passionate about photography and video and his technical training and the great passion for the image, lead him to discover the aerial filming and building its first drones since 2015. Currently he collaborates with various wedding photographers as well as making videos for Companies.

These two friends who they have been dating and collaborating for years, they decided to give birth to "DRONE FOR EVENTS" to offer specialized services to those who organize important events, where aerial photography is required. Their experience in this area them makes valid and proactive collaborators to create spectacular images.

UAS Operators with Enac - Easa Patent

Our Flight Certificates
Two specialized pilots who have had the Enac/Easa UAV piloting license for years with a lot of experience and flight hours.

Andrea Patent

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