Customer responsibility for damage to people and things.

Art. 27 ENAC regulation - The Client is also not free of responsibility. In fact, if it does not exercise its surveillance function during the executive phase contracted, or if entrusting a service to a company that does not have the requirements, it responds jointly and severally with the pilot. Listen to our videos with some tips.

This is a post by one of our colleague, with whom we are perfectly agreed.

A drone pilot has double the responsibilities of a Photographer or Videomaker. His error in flight can harm not only to himself but also to others, it must be precise 2 times, in flying and immortalizing the moment. Unfortunately, for some time our role as UAS drivers is underpaid but above all underestimated. This post is for my colleagues (Certified and authorized pilot) that in the majority of the time they must compromise to work, accepting almost null remuneration, putting their patent at risk, their equipment but above all their dignity. We at DRONE FOR EVENTS want to tell you some things .....